Deafening Silence

Sitting at the edge of my bed surrounded by darkness and deafening sound of silence, wondering what will I become 5 or 10 years from now. A faint smile appeared on lips. Thinking. I envy those who are indubitable. Those who are sure of themselves. Those who are confident with their dreams, and already take the first step to make it a reality. Those wandering free soul. Because there’s me, an unsure girl wondering about her vague dreams. 




Boyish. It’s just one of the few words that best define me. People always wonder why I like wearing lose T-shirt or the big one. But as I, being who I am, don’t care what people think of me. I’m comfortable wearing it, so why should I bother myself listening to your opinion? This is the way I am and how I want to be. Nobody has to tell me what should I do nor what should I dress. You’re free to dress yourself according to your own style. Just let me be myself and we won’t have any problem. But seriously, I don’t dress to impress. I dress accordingly to my own comfort. Sometimes, I hear students from my school saying,”Here comes the sneaker girl, T-shirt and faded jeans,” followed by laughter while making a way for me in the hallway. I can feel those eyes staring at me. Mocking me. But who cares? I’m not the type that give a damn thing about what people say. Being different from the most is not a crime. So, to those boyish girl out there, keep your heads up and start rocking the free world!


Ever since I was a child I have always been afraid of the dark, what it conceals from us. But as I grew up, I realized being alone is the most terrifying darkness a person can be. Being lonely inside your room. Being used to your own company. Being able to be comfortable with yourself. Enjoying your own space. Having no one to talk to share your ideas and dreams in life with. Until to the point that you no longer wanted to socialize because you’re used to it. You have been like this your entire life. Your a grown up now, you don’t need a companion. At night you might think, why I don’t have friends? Am I not approachable? Why? And your mind just go deeper and deeper into the abyss of your thoughts. Leaving you no clue why you have been like this your entire life. Lonely. Thinking every night, if only there is atleast one person in the world to keep you company then you could have sleep soundly every night.

The 7 day writing challenge

2 days ago I’ve accepted a challenge from a great person and this person created a facebook page where all the participants can communicate, inpire and motivate other as well. Lots of us are excited. And I feel a little bit inferior because many of the participants had their own book published. I wonder, will I be able to publish my own book or even have my book publish someday? Will I be able to make a novel or even complete writing a short story? I mean, I didn’t graduate from any literature degree or course, I only have my passion for writing, I don’t know if it’s right to call it a passion. And knowingly that I procrastinate a lot, gives me a little bit of doubt. I wonder if I’ll be able to write 1000 word per day. Because that’s what the challenge is all about, to write atleast 1000 word per day. So that, by the end of the challenge we’ll be able to write 7000 word. So right now, I want to kick start by making writing as a habit and also, to avoid futuristic procrastination. 😂

The Beginning

Well, I didn’t really give it a thought when I decided to make this blog. But 2 days ago I made a resolution to myself, to write a good story someday that could inspire thousands of people. A story where they can resonate, reflect and motivate to change the world to become a better one because we all share the same future, and as an individual we should take part in influencing and making changes. I know I still have a lot to learn. But as I said, I wanted to write a good story that could inspire thousands of people (someday). And this is just the beginning…


(P.S. : I really intended to put ellipsis and you know what that means? You’re right. A continuation.)

First blog post

I don’t have an idea for now, what this blog could be all about. Maybe, just some random things I find interesting to write or maybe when I feel like writing. Hahaha. But I do hope you enjoy when you visit this blog. And also, I’ll be trying my best to make this blog interesting atleast.

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